Where Are The Schwab Rebates/Refunds?

schwab atm rebates for august

“I have looked at your posts, but I don’t see much about your rebates from Schwab.  Why not post some of these to show us that Schwab really does rebate your charges.”

Good Point.  Here Goes …


schwab atm rebates for august

In August, I received $31.19USD back in rebates from Schwab.

I used Thai ATMs 3 times, a USD ATM one time, and Philippines’ ATMs 3 times.  I estimated a $31.05USD rebate.


JULY 2015

schwab atm rebate for july 2015

If I use ATMs multiple times and in multiple countries, I am unable to match up my rebate against my usage.  What day they use to calculate the exchange rate for the rebate, etc., all have an affect.

In July, I used Thai ATM’s 3 times, a USD machine once, and Philippine’s ATMs 3 times.  I estimated a refund of about $30USD, but only received $27.56.  It is possible that they didn’t refund the USD machine fee … or something else occurred that I don’t know how to calculate for; or that I calculated the estimated rebate based on different exchange rates.

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