Travel For Business? Double Dip: Get Reimbursed Twice For Hotel Stays

purchase eraser lets you get paid twice for travel costs

I guess I am not the smartest tool in the shed.  Because after a gazillion years of travel for business, I never realized I could MAKE money on my travel expenses.

“Make Money?” YES.  Get your expenses REIMBURSED and then receive the same amount again!  Get paid twice for the same travel expense.  Yes, it is true — you get refunded twice and get double bonus points.  It is a CH-easy way to convert miles to cash.

HOW??? In my personal situation, I have 2 personal credits — I use one for personal charges ONLY and the second, I use for charges to be paid for (reimbursed) by the company.  I did that to make it “easier” to keep track.  But I may have missed the ball. charging business expenses on my main personal card would have increased my travel rewards by earning rewards on business expenses that my employer reimburses!

My personal credit card is the Capital One No Hassles reward card with purchase eraser.  That means that I can use my existing miles to “erase” or get credit for any travel expense I charge to my card.


I should have charged all my business travel (hotels, buses, trains, limos, taxis) to the CapitalOne card and submitted those charges to my company for reimbursement as usual.

Then when the bill came due, I should have used my No Hassle reward miles to get immediate credit for the travel charges — removing them from my bill as if they never happened!

A few weeks later when the reimbursement check from the company arrived, I could use the extra money to pay OTHER charges on my credit card!

Therefore, I got paid TWICE for my travel expenses.  What was I thinking all of those years???


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