THREE Different Exchange Rates Today

I spent a long day in town today.  Went and met friends for coffee slightly before noon; had a late lunch around 2pm; and then went out with friends in the early evening.

The local money exchange rate changed three times today!  I have never seen it do that before.  It is possible that this is “normal”, but it is a first for me.

On the way to coffee, the rate was 36.20 baht/USD.

Walking to the mall for lunch, the rate was 36.18 baht/USD.

After dark, going to meet friends, the rate was 36.24 baht/USD.

This was at the SAME money exchange booth (TT Exchange).


Remember, I am in South East Asia.  I am either 11- or 12-hours ahead of New York time.  The markets would not have been open during any of these rate changes!

A strange anomaly of the currency conversion market.

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