There is MORE Credit Card Fraud in America Than All Other Countries Combined

US Accounts for more credit card fraud than the rest of the world combined!  47.3% of fraud occurs in the US (according to the Business Outsider).  And neither Thailand or the Philippines is even in the top 17 countries for fraud watch! (according to Forbes).

You read that correctly!  There is MORE credit card fraud in America than all other countries combined!

In fact, there is a substantially greater chance that you will be a victim of fraud if you are in the US, Mexico, UK, Australia, Singapore (!), or China, all according to the Forbes 2012 survey of fraud by country.

In 14 years of travel and residence in South East Asia, I have had ONE incident of fraud, and it was 13 years ago!  I have read stories of unlucky tourists get scammed by the “skimmers” that are attached to ATM machines, but I don’t know anyone personally who have had this problem.

Contrast this to the United States.  Just last month, another one of my company cards was compromised and had to be cancelled.  The bank thought it was “odd” that one of my employees was in South Africa buying discount liquor and froze the account.

In fact, this has happened about five times, once every two years for the past 10 years with various company cards.  And these cards are used 100% in the USA.  To make it worse, there is no common link between the fraud attempts.  Different card brand, different employee card, different “age” of card, and many other factors that weren’t similar.

When I obtained my CapitalOne Venture One card for use in Asia, I explained to the bank that I would be using it daily and I was worried about fraud.  The rep explained that I had nothing to worry about:  CapitalOne has a zero-liability program for fraudulent charges, and that they would alert me to any unusual charges.  Unusual charges being those charges that don’t fit with my “pattern” of spending.

I also signed up to email alerts which I receive on my smartphone anytime a charge is made above $100USD.  Usually when someone gets your card number, they charge a $10-25USD test charge, and if it goes through, immediately start pushing through much larger charges.

The point is, using your ATM and CREDIT CARDS in foreign countries like Thailand and the Philippines is safer than using them in USA or the UK!  Don’t fall for the stories you read on the travel boards telling about how “unsafe” it is to use your cards while traveling!

Using your ATM and CREDIT CARDS while traveling provides you with a more enjoyable time as you are not worried about “how much cash” you have on you, and exactly what is it going to cost, to make sure you continue to have enough local cash on you.

It provides you with better-than-street currency conversion rates 99.5% of the time — AND I PROVE IT ON THIS SITE.  It is safer, because you do not have to carry large amounts of cash.  And depending on where you go, ATM machines and merchants who accept CREDIT CARDS are the “norm” and not the “exception”.

NOW, the only thing you need to worry about is WHICH ATM CARD IS BEST FOR INTERNATIONAL USE and WHICH CREDIT CARD IS BEST FOR INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL!   And we want to help you choose based on our personal experience.  Read about our experience and who offers the BEST and CHEAPEST cards!
TIP:  Do I need to notify my bank when I am traveling overseas?  In most cases, it is a good idea to do so as the banks are notorious for freezing your account when an overseas charge is attempted.  CapitalOne credit cards work well without notifying the bank, but their ATM cards do NOT.  It can’t hurt to make the phone call and list all the countries that you will be visiting.

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