Tesco Lotus STOPS Dynamic Currency Conversion (Pay in Home Currency)!

No more dcc at tesco lotus pattaya

If you have read the proof section of this site, you will see that I have had my arguments with Tesco/Lotus over their use of the customer-unfriendly “Dynamic Currency Conversion” … billed by the staff as a “convenience” for the tourist.

Today I was informed that Tesco/Lotus had stopped all use of DCC services and was charging ALL cards regardless of issuing country, in THAI BAHT!  That is great news!  One less rip-off to worry about.  Hopefully they and other merchants will realize that dynamic currency conversion benefits don’t exist; customers don’t like dcc.

I could not find any further information; there are no reports online of any changes, and no posts on any of the forums that I monitor.  Whether this is a permanent change or not is unknown.  Whether this is true at all Thai Tesco/Lotus locations is also unknown.

Please let us know your experience when purchasing with an international credit card at Tesco/Lotus.

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