Rates Received – January 2016

Capital One Venture Card



There have been a handfull of comments received suggesting I make it easier to "follow" the numbers that I present.  So beginning January 2016, I will try a new method of posting one entry per month and including a spreadsheet to compare the various rates received.  As usual, all documenting charges will follow after the spreadsheet.  Hopefully this one post per month with a summary will make the numbers easier to follow and compare.

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Capital One has historically beat the local exchange rates.  I was surprised to see that it wasn't better than the local rate on January 9.  The Chase card ALMOST never beats the local rate.  I use it only because it bills directly to the company for company expenses.  Schwab ALMOST always beats the local rate in my experience.  I was surprised to see this result, and am wondering if something is changing in 2016.



January 3, 2016

best no foreign exchange fee credit card


January 4, 2016  (Schwab ATM Card)

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January 5, 2016  (Capital One Card)

no currency conversion fees


January 8, 2016  (Schwab ATM Card)

best atm card for travel

Chase (business) Credit Card

no currency conversion fees


January 9, 2016  (Capital One Credit Card)

Capital One Venture Card


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