Is Dynamic Currency Conversion Dead in Thailand?

Supplied DCC Image

Is Dynamic Currency Conversion Dead in Thailand?  Other than Bell Bus, we are not seeing Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) being used any more.

Testco/Lotus was one store we always had to tell to charge in Baht (our local currency).  But we don’t have to do that anymore.

Bangkok Hospital was another merchant that we always had to tell.  Lately they don’t have the DCC signs and don’t appear to be using DCC rip-off services.

We haven’t been to the Hardrock Hotel for dinner in quite a while, so I am not sure about them.  However, I do know that the last time we ate there, we told them charge in Thai Baht and there were no problems (like we have had in the past).

This is not my image — it was sent to me on a thread on another board about the discussion of DCC.

Supplied DCC Image

The above image explains how merchants who agree to DCC will earn “new source of revenue” and will share in the extra fees and charges that DCC charges the customer.


Based on numerous discussions with foreigners associated with Thailand merchants, there is no profit split for Thailand merchants!  That means, if correct, that the bank providing the merchant with service has convinced the merchant that DCC is “better” for the customer!  But the person it is really better for is the bank, who is earning a HUGE revenue stream from Dynamic Currency Conversion.

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