Getting Cash and Paying with Credit on Christmas Day

purchase on chase again

Today, I did some of my holiday shopping.  Yes, on Christmas Day.  Malls in the Philippines don't close on most holidays because that is when they are the busiest.  Today was no exception.

Today's best rate on the street was 47.00 baht/USD.

First, I needed cash for buying a few things at a local market.  I used my Schwab ATM card at the mall and received 10,000Php (plus the 180p fee).  

I received a rate of 47.04 PHP/USD, beating the street rate!

atm in the philippines with schwab


Then, I wanted to buy a phone as a gift, but didn't want to pay the ridiculous (often 4% and higher) fee for using a credit card.  So I went shop-to-shop until I found someone willing to sell to me with no fee.  Prices in Asia are fixed by the way, so each shop in a mall will have the EXACT same price for an item.

The purchase occurred on 12/25, but the processing was on 12/26, so the rate could go up or down.  

I received 47.12php/USD.  The rate must have been higher on the processing date!

purchase on chase again




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