Earning Rewards at Starbucks

Don't use dollars at cold stone creamery

My wife and I are guilty of enjoying Starbucks coffee.  Although not as bad as some of our friends, we still find time to sit at Starbucks about twice a week, enjoying our favorite drinks.

When Starbucks offered their reward card, my wife jumped on it.  Their reward card provides free drinks after every 12 drinks you buy, plus a few other free drinks through the year.

And of course, we pay for our Starbucks with the Capital One card, earning points with every purchase.

I was by myself today however, as my wife was busy with other errands.


Doubling Up on Rewards at Starbucks

In the above screenshot, you can see that Capital One converted my hard-earned dollars at the rate of 35.53 Baht/USD.


Saving Money as an Expat

And in the TT Exchange picture above, you can see that the best street rate today was 35.47 Baht/USD.


RECAP:  Capital One converted my money at 35.53 Baht per Dollar, when the best rate on the street that I could have obtained was 35.47!  And I earned travel points.  Not to mention I checked off another drink purchase on my way to free coffee!

I’m being paid to use my credit card.  How can a person pass up that opportunity?


By the way, three days ago I was at the airport in Bangkok when I noticed the foreign currency conversion chart at the counter of Cold Stone Creamery.

Don't use dollars at cold stone creamery

They were offering 30 Baht to the Dollar; when the average was 35+ Baht to the dollar!  This only applies when using cash!

Use your credit card and get the best rate – and benefits from the card company.

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