Earning Miles at the Doctor’s Office

capital one foreign exchange rate


Headed to the mall and then to the Doctor's office.  Of course, I will be using my Capital One Venture card for all of the purchases today. 

On the way, I notice a Yellow TT Booth street-exchange rate of 36.31 baht/USD.

Depending on how you choose to round decimals, I received a rate of 36.30 or 36.31 on my Capital One card, which is a great rate.  Don't forget, in addition to received the street rate using my credit card, I also earned $2.61USD in reward points!

capital one foreign exchange rate

Using a credit card in Asia is a no-brainer.  I get close to or beat the local exchange rate; don't need to carry cash; and earn either miles or reward points, depending on the card used.  Don't let anyone tell you that using cards in Asia is a bad idea.  But making sure you are using THE RIGHT CARDS is important!


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