Constantly Changing Exchange Rates

2 satang to less than a penny

As I look at the actual results of card purchases and exchange rates, I am amazed at the fluctuation that occurs.  Most of my purchasing occurs in Asia, at hours when the US money market is closed.  But the rates still change — from transaction to transacton over the course of a few hours.

Todays best street rate at TT Booth was 35.72 baht/USD.

The below transactions occurred within a three hour period during the day in South East Asia.  Look at the variance of rates of three different charges — in order of the time of transaction.

Credit card to cash exchange ratesCredit card to cash exchange rates

The rates I received were 35.70, 35.71 baht/USD.  When you look at the actual decimal numbers used in the conversion, and you'll see three different conversion numbers.  No one has ever been able to explain to me how this occurs. 

I may not be "beating" the local exchange rate, but I'm close (within $.0006 OF ONE PENNY!)  — and I'm earning travel miles and points on this card worth $2.10 USD. 

2 satang to less than a penny

Two (2) "satang" is less than .0006 of one penny!

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