Choosing the RIGHT Capital One Venture Card for YOU

choosing the best capitalone card

When I chose the Venture One card, I did so based on the things I mentioned previously (yes, including the picture), but also by the “No Annual Fee”.  I wanted a new card and the no annual fee pushed me over the edge to try this card.  The only choice?  Capital One Image Card

But four years later, I wonder if I should have been paying more attention to what I chose.

For example, my average spend is $1,300USD per month.

With the VENTURE ONE card (No Annual Fee), I earn 1.25 miles per dollar, allow me to earn 19,500 miles on my annual spend.

With the VENTURE card ($59 Annual Fee), I would earn 2 miles per dollar, allowing me to earn 31,200 miles on my annual spend.

So, in my situation, should I change to the card with the fee?

Since I only redeem miles for travel, the miles (or points, whatever you wish to call them) are valued at $.01USD.

  • Venture Card Mileage Earned:  31,200
  • (less) VentureOne Mileage Earned:  19,500
  • Means I would have earned 11,700 miles more with the Venture Card (with annual fee).

Yes, I would earn 11,700 more miles by paying the fee.  So, lets account for the fee in my calculation:

  • $59 annual fee is equal to 5900 miles.
  • Additional miles earned of 11,700 minus the “cost” of annual fee of 5900 miles.
  • I would still be ahead, even after paying the annual fee.  I would have 5800 additional miles (or about $58USD in benefits!).

The answer is YES.  If I plan to spend about the same in the future as I have in the past, I should consider switching to the card with the annual fee — the CapitalOne Venture Card.

[UPDATE 7-17-15:   I’m furious with Capital One today.  I called to upgrade my Venture One card to the Venture card and was told there IS NO UPGRADE PROGRAM.  In order to get the better card, I must apply for a NEW card as if I was a new customer.  Capital One, you just dropped way down on my happiness and satisfaction scale.]

[UPDATE 9-6-15:  I received the VENTURE card in the mail and have begun using it.  It is the HEAVY metal card (like the Chase Presidential Plus), but because of the “chip”, it does not have our pictures. The new card came with a credit line three times higher than my previous card.]

The ONLY other card that can match these benefits is the Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard®.  But it is a MATCH; it does not beat the benefits of the CapitalOne Venture Card.  And remember, you can use these points to “erase” hotel and other travel bills charged to your account.

I was never able to find a reference to explain exactly what Capital One calls “travel” for the purpose of “erasing” the charge.  One internet site stated that CapitalOne defined travel expense as “flight, cruise, hotel stay, limo, bus tickets or car rental” charges.  Don’t get too excited however, Disneyland Park tickets are NOT considered travel!

A really “cool” card comparison tool is located at

NOTE:  “Image” cards are NOT available for cards with CHIP TECHNOLOGY or for cards with CONTACTLESS TECHNOLOGY.   Capital One is the only issuer to provide photo security credit cards with a full size image.

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