Carls and the Cinema

carls jr

On December 11th, we had our usual lunch at Carl's Jr.  If you are not a Carl's fan, you should try another burger and give it a try.  In the USA, all buns are the "buttered" buns which we do not have here in Asia!  And the NON-BUTTERED buns are much better.  You might want to ask for regular buns in the US … and try the Bacon Western Chesseburger!  Yum!  You can see in the screenshot that we received a rate of 35.9669 or 35.97.

carls jr

Todays best street rate at TT Booth was 35.92 baht/USD.  We beat the street rate!

On the 10th (the night before), we went to the movies. This is what we paid for the FIRST CLASS CINEMA; private electric recliners, popcorn and drinks delivered to the recliners, big comfy blanket and no one with 6 feet of you!  It is a wonderful way to attend the movies!  $39.25USD for two people!

Even though we went on the 10th, Chase didn't purchase the transaction until the 11th, so I am using it here to compare, since the process date with Chase controls the exchange rate.   

We obtained a rate of 35.67 baht/USD, continuing the trend I have been seeing with the Chase card.  Somebody is playing with the exchange rate because it is getting further and further from our street rate.

I always have to point out howerver, that even though I "lost" $.28 (cents) on the exchange, I still earned about $1.18 of miles on United.

cinema night

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