CapitalOne Venture Credit Card and Photo-Image Card

Capital One is the only card to provide your provided image on the front of the card full-size.

Since 2011, I have used the Venture One Image Credit Card for all my daily charges here in Southeast Asia.  I opened the account for three main reasons:

  1. They did not charge any foreign transaction fees when you used your card internationally.
  2. There was NO Annual Fee
  3. My wife and I could put a picture of our choice on the card

Yes, the 3th reason sounds “cheeky” or “vain”, but the idea behind it was to make the card more secure by having our photos on the front.  I have rarely been asked for ID when presenting the card for a charge.

I like the Capital One Rewards Program for non-airline miles.  Most of their customers do also.

No Complaints about No Hassle Rewards

This card pays benefits at the rate of 1.25 points per dollar charged. Points can be redeemed for travel through the No Hassles Program; and can be redeemed by “erasing” travel charges off your account.

There are two ways to obtain Travel Benefits.  The first is to obtain credit for existing travel expenses (aka: “erase” existing expenses).  The second is to make an airline reservation through Capital One and pay with No Hassle Points/Miles.

For example of the “eraser” option, we stayed in two hotels this month.  I used my Rewards Points to “erase” or pay for these charges.  The below capture shows that I have two charges that I can obtain credit for using my points.

Capital One Purchase Eraser

The next screen shows that I selected “Redeem” to obtain credit for the charge.  After pressing “Approve”, I have agreed to use 4,367 points to pay a $43.67 travel charge.

No Hassle Rewards

And then a few days later:

No hassle rewards posted to my account


When redeeming travel charges to “erase” or pay with points, you receive $.01 per point.  BUT, if you try to use your points to “erase” other charges on your bill, you ONLY RECEIVE $.005 per point!

For example of the “book an airline ticket” option, I viewed available seats from Bangkok to Manila via Capital One’s link with Orbitz booking engine. This is truly “any seat, any airline, any route” reward booking.

Value of Miles at 1-cent ($.01USD) per mile

CapitalOne award redemption for airline tickets


For the example I chose, I would either pay cash ($267.79) or could use Capital One Reward Miles/Points of 25,680.

No Hassle Rewards Redemption

NEXT:  Choosing the RIGHT Venture Card for you.

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