CapitalOne Has Another BAD RATE day

todays best money exchange rate in Pattaya

I used to say that I beat the local “best street rate” 100% of the time with my Capital One Venture card.  But in the past few weeks, I have had to change that because of strange anomalies with the exchange rate when using my cap one card.

The best street rate today was 35.02 baht/usd.  Anyone living on USD has been ecstatic to see this rate climb to 35+.

todays best money exchange rate in Pattaya

So imagine my surprise when the rate I received on this day was lower than street rate.

tops supermarket and carls jr credit card use in thailand

I received 34.87 and 34.88 for these two charges — when street rate was a glowing 35.02.  Of course, I still beat the local rate MOST of the time, so seeing small fluctuations like this don’t bother me very much.

Although as a general rule, I am not happy to see when I get a lower rate.  However — my “loss” due to the rate fluctuation today was only $.09USD (about 3 baht!) — but I still hate to lose!


PS:  Yes, I know that Capital One Bank does not set the rate.  The exchange rate is set by Visa International … however, for simplicity, I refer to it as Capital One’s rate ….


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