Capital One vs Chase vs Schwab in One Day

chase poor currency conversion rate

I wrote previously about charges made to the Chase United Airlines card are beginning to have much lower currency conversion rates than my other cards.

Today is another example of that change.  Best street rate at TT Exchange was 35.85 Baht/USD.


chase poor currency conversion rateChase, in the above snap shot from my credit card statement, converted my charge to 35.76 baht/$, much lower than the street rate of 35.85 b/$.  The charge was made on the 14th of September, and processed or posted on the 16th of September.  Chase is a money loser for me today.


capital one foriegn exchange conversionMy wife and I had our favorite burgers at Carl’s Jr today, and Capital One Venture One card rewarded me with an exchange rate of 35.97 baht/USD, much higher than the street rate of 35.85 b/$.


Schwab foriegn conversion rates and feesI was also a winner at the ATM with Schwab today.  My withdrawal was processed at the rate of 35.93 baht/USD, higher than the daily best rate of 35.85 b/$.

Schwab also performs the foreign currency conversion at the moment of transaction.


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