Another Look At Chase Rates

gas previous day chase

This transaction didn't occur on my test date, and was processed AFTER my test date.  However, I decided to include it as another reference of Chase exchange rates.

gas previous day chase

You can see that on 12/18 I paid for Gas (at the local Bangchak station) on Friday.  The transaction was processed on the 21st, which was a Monday. 

I tested the street rate on the 19th (Saturday) and the best street rate at TT Booth was 36.00 baht/USD.

(Saturday's rate information is relative because we have had no major rate fluctuations on a weekend, so I am hypothecizing this time that the rate was close to what is posted.)

I received 35.90 baht/USD, which is likely less than Friday's actual posted rate.  Chase disappoints me again.

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