About This Site

For years, I have argued about discussed credit card issues on various internet forums, trying in my best way to correct the WRONG information that so many people have about using credit cards and debit cards internationally.

It is unfortunate that so much bad information exists and that so many people post “answers” without any knowledge and without any proof to back up their (often) ridiculous claims.

I wanted a central location where I could not only post my proof, but update it every few months to show that “nothing has changed”.  I used to upload a small capture of a bank statement, but decided that I really wanted a “home” on the web to display all my bank statement data.

As a background, I have traveled to South East Asia for very long trips since 2000-2001.  I have used credit cards (and ATM cards) for most of that time, although it was very difficult to get acceptance in the first few years.

Now, here in Thailand specifically, credit cards are accepted with the same ease and speed as in the United States.  And ATM’s are on every corner now, with an available “up-time” of 99%.  Things have certainly changed in the past 15 years.

Every word on this site has been written by me.  Every proof document is from my bank or credit card statementI have not received any payments or other benefits to review or suggest any credit or debit cards.  If they are on this site, it is because I use them now or in the past, and my writing is based on actual experience.

If you see that I made a mistake, PLEASE tell me where and what mistake you feel I have made!  Accuracy is important and I want this site to represent a “repository” to clear up the many misconceptions travelers have about their credit cards, debit cards, and travel reward programs tied to those cards.

Thanks for visiting!