Sometimes I Do Not Understand My Credit Card Conversion Rates

Street rate at TT Booth

Today was a good example.

Below are the purchases I made with my Capital One Credit Card.  Four different purchases in a period of 6 hours.  The exchange rate must have varied today (although I don’t understand how because when we are making these purchases, the US money market is closed).

This is one of those days I refer to as a rate anomaly because there is no explanation as to why the rates varied so much.  I understand that currency conversion rates vary, but this doesn’t make sense.

I received 33.29, 33.28, 33.55, and 33.54 baht/USD today.

Capital One Credit Card

I also need to use my Chase Credit Card for other purchases that needed to be kept separate.

I received 33.42 baht/USD.  In the middle of the charges on Capital One Credit Card.

20150525 chase

And when I was finished with my shopping (and my coffee) I snapped a picture of the TT Exchange Booth (known for excellent rates).

The rate today was 33.53 baht/USD!

Street rate at TT Booth

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