ATM Withdrawal From a Backup Card and Regular Charges to My Credit Card

currency rate comparison

I needed to take money from an account that I RARELY ever access via ATM.  I know that with this card I pay fees — which is why I never access through the ATM!  Actually, this card has high atm withdrawal fees.

I also forget to take a picture of the street rate today.

In the transaction below, you will see that I took 15,000-baht, plus the 180-baht fee, for a total of 15,180-baht.  With the exchange rate fee factored in, I received 32.46 baht/USD.  I lost a percentage point in rate for using this card!

Using my expensive chase atm card in thailand


I also needed something at Tops Grocery Store.  I received 33.47 baht/USD.

Shopping at Tops in Thailand


Yahoo BEST rate was 33.56.  So my credit card charge was quite good.  The ATM withdrawal was a disappointment.  Getting within 10-15 points of Yahoo rate is good.

currency rate comparison

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