Multiple Credit Cards Used and an ATM Withdrawal on a THAI Holiday Weekend

Weird anomoly in street rates

This is the strangest of all transactions I witnessed.

This was a FOUR day Thai holiday weekend.  There were no rate adjustments locally on Monday because everything in Thailand was closed … even though money markets changed.  The rate on the street was SUBSTANTIALLY less than I was receiving.  I verified the rates in a variety of places, but in the end, I figured it was because of the holiday and the unwillingness of the local exchanges to modify their rate on a busy holiday.

I withdrew 20,000-baht plus the 180-baht fee, for a total of 20,180-baht.  My account was charged $608.32USD for this withdrawal, which calculates to a currency conversion rate of 33.17 baht/USD that I received.

Schwab ATM withdrawal

I paid for gas on a different Credit Card (Chase) than I normally use.  I received 32.63 baht/USD.

gas purchase proc next day at 32-63

Using my credit card at the mall:  Then I went for my favorite hamburger and shopped at the grocery store with my main credit card (CapitalOne).  I received 33.13 and 33.14 baht/USD.

Shopping at Tops and eating at Carl's Jr.




To summarize: I received 33.17 at the ATM; 32.63 using a Chase card with no fees; and 33.13 using a Capital One card.

Weird anomoly in street rates

And the best street rate was 32.70!!! 







Because I found this confusing, I began looking into the rates from different sources.  First, I went to VISA and checked their rate for the day:

visa rate for the day on this anomaly


Visa was showing the rate would have been 33.17 (meaning that transactions on this day should have been converted at this rate).





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