Charges on Two Different Credit Cards still Beat Local Exchange Rate

Paying for car insurance by credit card

Today an insurance company broker charged me some fees that I owed.

The best rate on the street today was 32.46 (no picture today).

I received 32.49 baht/USD.

Paying for car insurance by credit card

On another credit card, I noticed that a few other charges cleared on the same date.  This is a card with NO fees for foreign use, but the rate I received (32.30 baht/USD) was less than street rate and the rate I received on my other card.

charges on another card

This is one of those “anomalies” that I referenced earlier in the site.  The rates between the date of charge (4/9) and the date of clearing (4/10) was only .01 baht different!  I never did figure out what happened (but I didn’t call the bank either)!

Yahoo showed the best rate on 4/9 was 32.52; and on 4/10 32.53.

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