Cash Withdrawal and Avoiding a DCC rip-off from Bell Bus Online

dcc rip off at bell bus

First thing this morning, I went to the ATM in Chonburi Thailand and made a withdrawal of 20,000-baht, plus the 180-baht fee (for all ATM in Thailand), for a total of 20,180-baht.  20,180 divided by 614.93 shows that I received a currency conversion rate of 32.76  baht/USD.

Today’s best exchange rate (that I forgot to take a picture of) was 32.70 baht/USD.

Schwab atm service

After making my withdrawal, I logged in to the Bell Bus site to purchase a ticket to the airport.  As usual, they try to make me accept the “convenience” of online dynamic currency conversion.  The rate today was 32.70.  Had I taken their “kind offer”, I would have earned a much lower rate of 31.12!

So after declining DCC, I paid $7.03USD instead of $7.39USD.  I realize that when you look at it in these small numbers, you wonder why it is important.  But it adds up when 90% of your monthly spend is by credit card or ATM purchases.

dcc rip off at bell bus

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