ATM Withdrawal and Credit Card Purchase in Pampanga Philippines

metro department store philippines

ATM Withdrawal in the Philippines.

Today I went to the BPI bank ATM in Pampanga and withdrew 10,000-peso plus the 200-peso fee, for a total of 10,200-peso.

10,200 divided by $226.97:  I received a conversion rate of 44.94 using my ATM card.

Philippines BPI Bank ATM

Then I went to the mall (Metro Store Philippines) and purchased a new shirt for 1146.60 peso.  When it was converted and charged to my credit card, I was paying $25.51USD.  I received a currency conversion rate of 44.95 peso/USD using my Capital One Credit Card.

metro department store philippines


metro bank stmt

ATM Card:  44.94 peso/USD.

Credit Card:  44.95 peso/USD.

best street money exchange booth rate



Yahoo was reporting the BEST rate at 44.84.  I beat Yahoo rate!

i beat yahoo's rate

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