Using My No Fee ATM Card in China at the Beijing Airport

withdrawing cash in china

I seem to have bad luck when I fly through China.  I lost my luggage in China, and I’ve been stranded at the airport.  This time I was stranded and needed money and had to use a Chinese ATM.  I didn’t need as much money as I took out, since I was only staying one night!  But I performed the calculation in my head and really goofed!!

I withdrew 6000-yuan.

withdrawing cash in china

That 6000-yuan cost me $977.40USD.  The rate that I received was:  6.14 (yuan/USD).

chinese yuan from atm

XE shows the prime rate on this day as 6.14.

rate from xe for 9-24-14

Yahoo’s best rate for the day was 6.13 (yuan/USD).  WOW. I did pretty well.

cash exchange booths

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