Going Malling at Central Festival Plaza Pattaya And A Fill Up At Bangchak

Pattaya's best street exchange rate

We hit the Central Festival Plaza Pattaya mall today for a little shopping, coffee and general “malling”.  Yes, Starbucks again.

starbucks and central store

The coffee was 275-baht (our usual!) and we spent 1520-baht at a gas station. $47.79 was a fill up at bangchak gas station.

You can see from my credit card statement that I received 31.81 and 31.79 baht/USD.

Pattaya's best street exchange rate

On the Street, the best rate for exchange USD cash for Thai baht was 31.77.

Yahoo’s best rate was 31.83.  Sometimes the spread between Yahoo and our best street exchange rate is .30 and up.  Today, there is only .06 difference between the two!



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