Getting My Coffee And Pizza Fix at Royal Garden Mall in Pattaya

exchange rate on pattaya streets

Can’t get enough Starbucks.  Today I made a purchase with my credit card at Starbucks and then The Pizza Company.

The charge at Starbucks was 275-baht; which converted to $8.56USD.   (rate received 32.13 baht/USD).

The charge at Pizza Company was 552-baht which converted to $17.19USD.  (rate received 32.11 baht/USD).

The best STREET EXCHANGE RATE was 32.06.

starbucks credit card receipt


starbucks and pizza company credit purchase


in mall exchange rate shows bad rate

The ABOVE PHOTO is the exchange located inside the Royal Garden Mall in Pattaya Thailand.

Their best rate was 31.80 baht/USD!


exchange rate on pattaya streets

The ABOVE PHOTO is an exchange OUTSIDE of the mall, on the street, where there is plenty of competition for exchange booths.

Their best rate was 32.06.

This is just a small reminder that exchange booths in airports and inside malls, do not provide as good as an exchange as the street booths.

And Yahoo again.  Our BEST street rate today was 32.06; Yahoo prime rate was 32.18.

yahoo best rate pattaya

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