How Time Affects the Posting of Charges to Your Account

no more dcc

Once again, I was making a airline reservation and was presented with DCC.  I refused to “pay in my home currency” and had them bill me in the local currency.

In the end, I paid $197.72USD instead of $205.80USD.    A SAVINGS OF $8.08USD.

airline reservation

I had set up alerts on my account to let me know when charges over a certain amount were authorized.  I received this alert.  The “authorization” amount was $196.13.

capitalone bank alert






And here is the final charge to my credit card.  The reason I am showing this is to provide an example of how the “authorization request” (above) can vary from the “posted charge” (below), due to the “timing” of the activity.  The final charge was $197.72.

no more dcc

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