Buying a New Mattress and Getting Ripped Off By DCC

buying a new mattress and getting ripped off with DCC

This is the famous mattress story that I talked about in another section of this site.

Ripped Off By DCC:  We went to a LARGE department store to buy a mattress.  We told them “PAY IN THAI BAHT”.  Of course, they know better than us and charged us in USD because our card was a US card.  Perfect logic right??

We refused to sign.  We refused to accept their explanations.  We sat at the desk and continued to say “call your manager” — something they did not want to do.  In fact, they called someone who pretended to be their manager until they realized there were getting no where.

I filed complaints with the head office of this company.

They charged us with DCC:  $1,239.37.  We had them void the charge.

The corrected charge was $1,168.39USD.

THEY WERE RIPPING US OFF FOR $70.98USD!  Yes, you are reading that correctly!  The difference between what they should have charged us and what they tried to charge us using the dynamic currency conversion ripoff was more than $70USD!!!


buying a new mattress and getting ripped off with DCC

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