International ATM Withdrawal — Philippines

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Today I went to an international ATM and withdrew 43,000p.  Since the most I could get 15,000 at this machine, I withdrew twice at 15,000-pesos; once at 10,000-pesos, and a final transaction of 3,000-pesos. My daily withdrawal limit is $1000USD and I was trying to withdraw as much as possible.

A screen capture from my checking account is shown below.  When you add up all the transactions, you will see that I took $993.92USD.

ATM withdrawal in the Philippines

To calculate, divide the dollars I received by the pesos I received.  This international atm withdrawal was from a machine that didn’t charge the ATM withdrawal fee (those machines do not exist anymore!).

NET received rate: 43,000 / 993.92 = 43.26 p per $

Today’s Best Street Rate: 43.15
Yahoo Best Rate: 43.21  (Yahoo best rate is always BETTER than the street rate; but still lower than the rate I received using my ATM CARD!)

money conversion pocket guide

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